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But McIlvain later testified under oath in a different legal proceeding in 2005 that she didn’t remember hearing the alleged confession a hot topic of dispute that’s been subject to various inquiries over the last decade, including a federal grand jury investigation in 2010.Lance Armstrong asks court to throw out $10 million arbitration rulingAt the time of the hospital incident, Armstrong was undergoing cancer treatment. Nine years later, in 2005, Armstrong was locked in a legal battle with SCA Promotions, a sports insurance company that refused to pay the bonus it owed him for winning the Tour de France because it suspected Armstrong had cheated in the race.McIlvain testified as part of that case. So did Armstrong’s former teammate, Frankie Andreu, and his wife, Betsy, who said they were in the same hospital room with McIlvain in 1996 and heard Armstrong’s doping confession.Without corroborating testimony from McIlvain or others, Armstrong was able to vilify the Andreus and continue to claim he never used such drugs.

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